TCM Wellness Clinique

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration – a partnered service with Aegle TCM Wellness Clinique, located in the heartland of Singapore, Robertson Walk.

Despite knowing the value of health over wealth, the fast-paced and competitive society we live in does not allow many the luxury of de-stressing. This then leads to various sub-optimal health problems ranging from insistent backaches or shoulder aches to poor digestion, constipation, acne, hormonal imbalances or even chronic conditions like diabetes or cancer.

Aegle TCM Wellness Clinique complements our approach of providing solutions for these problems by combating the high stress levels of every individual.

Using a holistic approach that heals the mind, body and soul, Aegle offers clients a one-of-a-kind consultation infusing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and modern wellness supplements. Detailed consultations are handled by certified TCM physicians, who customise medically proven solutions for every client. While most therapies focus single-handedly on either massage; medicine or acupuncture, Aegle packages all three to design a comprehensive treatment based on the deep understanding of each individual’s wellness upon consultation.

Providing a wide range of customised services, their objective is to make health affordable and convenient for consumers. Statutory boards are nudging healthcare professionals to utilize the limitless benefits of TCM as an all-rounded approach for their patients.

Clients who have enjoyed our wellness program has also welcomed the partnered service with Aegle TCM Wellness Clinique. While moving further into enhancing our future services, we aim to meet the wants and needs of clients.


Therapeutic Tuina
Facial Acupunture
Stomach Meridian Massage
Kidney Meridian Massage
Stress Management Program
Slimming Program

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