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"What should I eat?" The first world question that most of the time puts us in a dilemma. With countless fast food chains and irresistible fried or oily food around us everyday, it is rather challenging to eat healthy and choose the right servings of food to satisfy the nutritional needs of our body. Consequently, many try to work out or indulge in detoxing drinks to make up for it. But does it really work?

Advocating excellence in health, Elusyf Global is moving to integrate wellness cuisines, through Frunatic, a healthy and nutritious dining experience, brought to you by Keen Lifestyle Pte Ltd.

Frunatic is a unique and refreshing dining experience that proudly hosts the expertise of a team of wellness professionals who collaborate with a chef to create a series of bespoke therapeutic and nutrition-rich meals. To achieve excellence in quality, their 9-course spread goes through stringent preparation processes developed over 5 years of R&D.

They only include the finest ingredients that are hand-picked and focus on keeping its nutritional value well preserved and maximized for their clients. The diet provided is specially tailored to suit each individual’s nutritional necessities as recommended by their team of professionals.

Boasting as the true marriage between a team of professionals, the cuisine provided passes the expert eye of each professional before being served. A nutritionist selects the best therapeutic and healthiest ingredients. For adequate nutrients and to keep a strict count of calories, they have dieticians. To offer the richness of natural Traditional Chinese herbs, their TCM Physicians carefully select them to be infused in the food and beverages. The presence of a Naturopathic doctor, enhances the therapeutic function of meals through infused superfoods. All of these which will not be possible without the precision of the executive chefs.

They pride themselves in the stringent process of preparation for their meals and innovative packaging designed to protect the texture, flavour and nutrients in the meals. It is a lifestyle choice of fine-dining that heals the body, with therapeutic functions that can maintain, restore and improve health and longevity.

Therapeutic Wellness Set Meal

High Blood Pressure & High Blood Cholesterol
Weight Management
Digestive Health

Athletic Sport Performance
Sleep Inducer
Kid's Meal

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