Igniting 2016

The culmination of efforts since our inauguration established a strong clientele and brand recognition. In 2016, Elusyf Global embarked on a journey to showcase a new era of business strategies. We took a giant leap forward in our media presence, business expansion and advocating our vision, Vera Gioia Di Vivere

At the beginning of the year, we held our Inaugural Gala Dinner, ‘Igniting 2016’, at Orchid Country Club. The event was graced by special guests, over 700 of our clients and authorized resellers who bore witness to the launch of Elusyf Cell Activa Phytomask.

Recognizing our client favourite – stem cell therapy, we formulated our new range of cosmeceutical facial masks to contain only the finest ingredients for expeditious results. Some who had a glimpse of our Phytomask previously, excitedly anticipated its launch. It was so well-received that stocks ran out within a month from January 17.

To ignite means to kindle a fire. It signifies the kick-off of new beginnings for partners, clients and the corporation. Our humble debut was the brainchild of 3 individuals who envisioned a day when Elusyf represents the true joy of healthy lifestyle.

Unfolding with our flagship product, Elusyf Cell Activa SP800, we impacted one life after another, managing to help many individuals with psoriasis; diabetes; hypertension and other chronic ailments.

We specially invited, nominated Wellness Ambassadors of 2016, to share their experiences and the impact our flagship product has had on their lives. It was a visual treat to see their excitement rub-off on the audience present that day.

A brand that draws confidence and loyalty from its clients, is that which is not merely profit-driven but commits to benefit and change the world. Our core values were carved to be the guiding focus of our organization and ethics parameter of our partners.

‘Igniting 2016’ was such an eventful night that despite the conclusion of the night, many lingered for photographs and conversations.

In his opening speech, our Business Development Director, Mr. Jason Chia said, “A goal in mind is a hope in life”. Elusyf Global took on 2016 with a goal in mind and we look forward to unveiling our milestones at Blazing 2017 Gala Night.


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