The Awakening

"Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together." – Thomas Dekker

At nightfall, our eyes droop not merely because of the increase in melatonin but because our body is alerting us that it is time for its “healing”.

With our hectic lifestyles, we are constantly in search of ways to sleep less for more waking hours. Coffee and energy drinks are such a common sight. When our body is deprived of adequate rest and repair, that usually occurs between 11pm to 2am, it causes our cells to begin aging prematurely.

It is the quality of our sleep that takes precedence over the the number of hours. Especially since its something we need to do daily, poor quality of sleep even as little as once a week, would cumulate into a health risk, such as chronic ailments, migraines and frequent lethargy.

In our pursuit to shed light on health and factors that contribute to them, we inaugurated the Elusyf Global Lifestyle Series. This seminar held once every 4 months, discusses a topic revolving around a chosen theme for the year. For 2016, we decided on ‘Wellness’ and unfolded the series with ‘Awakening’, on March 6.

Our wellness consultants, took to stage, their expertise and gathered research, covering causes, symptoms and consequences of poor sleeping habits. Over the three-hour seminar, we advised on daily habits that could enhance sleep quality.

As always, it is gratifying to witness the intimate interaction between our consultants and clients, bringing us one more step closer in advocating true joy of living by attaining good health.


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