Silver Screening 2-for-1 2016

One of the core values Elusyf Global lives by is the value of family.

“If a family has an old person, it has a jewel”, as said in a Chinese proverb. We have had the pleasure of having over 250 elderly join our family for a day-event planned specially for them.

8th May 2016, Elusyf Global organized and hosted its first Silver Screening 2-for-1 as a part of its Mother’s Day Celebration. Not wanting to perform community involvement programmes merely as a responsibility, we uniquely designed an interactive event for elderly from various estates in Singapore.

Honouring the hard work and sacrifice of our time-honoured generation, Silver Screening was organized to render us the chance to appreciate these pioneers who are not as fortune to spend time with their loved ones. The event was widely received by our authorized resellers and their families, each of them volunteering to care for one elderly during the movie screening.

Shaw Lido, accommodated 500 of us in an exclusive theatre along with the special request of viewing ‘Long Long Time Ago’, a local production by actor/director, Jack Neo. The movie transcends you back in time to the kampong days and also highlights qualities such as, community spirit; racial harmony and hard work.

The roaring laughter and applause throughout the movie was a testament to how much the film was enjoyed. Our humble event was graced by the cast members and director of ‘Long Long Time Ago’, multiplying the joy of our elderly guests.

We strive to continue organizing events such as this, that make lives meaningful and look forward to having our enthusiastic volunteers play an integral part in it yet again.


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