Cell Activa - SP800

Elusyf Global integrates the beauty of art and the wonders of science in the pursuit of being at the forefront of anti-aging technology to help you look, feel and live your best, regardless of age. Henceforth, Elusyf Cell Activa has been specially formulated using the state-of-art advanced cell technology that enables you to combat against the natural aging process. This breakthrough formula encapsulates cell therapy into a convenient and effective oral supplement that introduces new cells into the body tissue in order to rebuild and revitalize the aging ones.

How it Helps

  • Regenerates & improves the skin functions to maintain prime condition
  • Speeds up wound healing & recovery process after delivery and surgery
  • Regulates & balances the male and female hormones
  • Rejuvenates the function of the immune system
  • Protects the human epidermal cells
  • Facilitates the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs
  • Boosts the body's metabolism

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Stem Cell Therapy

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