Managing Your Wealth-Being

Do you believe that your bank balance at the end of your life was determined even before you spoke your first word?

Our financial blueprint, as we call it, is fixed at birth by the social status of the family we are born into. The environment around us, affects our money personality and how we perceive money. This perception plays an integral part in our financial decisions, leaving many to be no different than from what they were from the start.

Financial advice and observations of our erstwhile generation’s habits, takes the form of verbal programming. So much so that without noticing, we either follow in their footsteps or condition our habits to be absolutely dissimilar. As if hitting the last nail into the coffin, usually a particular incident reaffirms our programming.

On 28 August this year, we organized ‘Managing Your Wealth Being’, a half-day andragogy session aimed at developing the millionaire mindset. We strongly believe in ushering our partners to achieve their true joy of living in wealth. Therefore, our program was designed discuss topics such as money personality, excellence in financial investments and law of attraction.

During this training, we invited an entrepreneur and corporate training professional speaker who shared with us exclusive content that inspires board of directors and executives to change their work methods to experience increased success.


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