Wellness Ambassadors

Penelope Wong

66 Years Old

Imagine having only 4-5 hours of sleep but continuously for 20 years of your life. Our Wellness Ambassador, Ms Penny had to undergo this challenge since the delivery of her second child. This problem, caused by hormonal fluctuations, had no possible solutions except the temporary remedy of sleeping tablets.

Constant lack of sleep further propelled her body to lose control over daily rejuvenation, giving root to other problems such as chronic migraines that affected her workplace productivity.

Hearing the benefits of stem cells, she essayed more information on Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 from our wellness consultants. With our consultants’ close observation, Ms Penny began on stem cell therapy, and within a month she experienced a positive change in her sleeping patterns.

“I had insomnia for 20 years and refused to take medications. After I started on SP800, my sleep improved tremendously. Now I can even fall asleep watching my favourite Hong Kong dramas. Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 is definitely the best rejuvenation therapy.” - a very satisfied Ms Penny shared with us.

Abiding our core value of excellence, we at Elusyf Global, are passionate about adding value to lives. Through exemplary stem cell therapy and personalized customer service, we aim to be the key to optimal healthcare for our clients.

Mrs. Vasantha Kumari

50 Years Old

Genetics affect more than just our physical appearances. They muddle with our immunity, passing on chronic and auto-immune conditions through the family line.

Diagnosed with psoriasis, a genetic skin disorder for 15 years, one of our Wellness Ambassadors, Mrs. Vasantha Kumari, had just about tried all available suggestions to improve her condition.

When she was recommended stem cell therapy through Elusyf Cell Activa SP800, she visited our consultation service to seek more knowledge on it. During our holistic consultation, she was better able to understand her lifestyle and diet choices that cause psoriasis reoccurrence.

Over a period of 3 months, she saw the frequency of her skin flare-ups reduce and her past wounds healing, giving her the option to not depend on steroid drugs.

“I suffered from psoriasis for many years. It was painful and itchy. Initially, I was prescribed steroids, but it only helped temporarily. Within 6 weeks of taking SP800, my wounds started to heal and as I continued the therapy for another 6 weeks, I could visibly see my scarring improve significantly!” - Mrs Vasantha, while sharing her excitement with us.

It is a blessing to be able to impact and bring significant improvement to Mrs. Vasantha Kumari’s life. Our happiness lies in helping our clients attain their true joy of living in health and we will strive to continue to do so.

Mrs. Manoonmany

52 years old

The energy it takes to lead an active life slowly depreciates as we grow older and occupational stress starts piling on.

Mrs Manoonmany noticed that the energy she possessed in her younger days to explore her social life, or do extra curricular activities besides work had rapidly depreciated. Due to increased commitments in her family and career, stress levels spiked and weakened her immunity.

As she became prone to feeling fatigued very often, she also faced throat ulcers yearly, during a peak stress period.

Whilst making minor lifestyle changes, she started on her therapy of Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 that enabled rejuvenation of her immune system, moderating her body’s health equilibrium. She started experiencing regular detoxification and even became free of her yearly ulcers.

“Before stem cell therapy, it was a challenge to complete daily tasks, especially towards the end of the day when my body and mind feels drained. Following the suggestions of consultants and Elusyf SP800, my ability to stay alert longer in the night increased. I, now have minimal difficulties in completing my tasks and sleep well.” - Mrs Manoonmany

Through our holistic wellness consultations, Elusyf Global seeks to create awareness on prevention, empowering many to move towards their true joy of living. As we progress further, we hope to touch more lives with our principle.

Lucia Lim

21 years old

They say time heals all wounds, but some wounds despite the extend of your efforts, does not get better. You then just learn how to live with the pain. Anyone who suffers from eczema will relate to this.

Being 17 was very different for one of our wellness ambassadors, Miss Lucia Lim, who was learning how to cope with her skin diagnosis – eczema. This genetic skin condition causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated. Commonly known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is an auto-immune condition that has no cure and is easily affected by environmental influences. Many who have eczema, suffer from constant flare-ups and itchiness that could lead to bleeding and scarring.

While her peers were cheerful and happy on the path of self-discovery, Miss Lim was covering herself up to prevent the embarrassment of having to answer questions about the scars on her arms. "The one thing I couldn't do, that a lot of my friends did at that point of time was to spend time on the beach. The sun and the sand would cause my flare-ups to worsen, so I had to completely refuse all invitations to the beach", said Miss Lim.

All the skin specialists she visited, recommended steroid creams and moisturizers which helped her only temporarily, before her skin became accustomed to it and ceased to work anymore.

"When I started on Elusyf Wellness Program, it helped me by lessening the frequency of my flare-ups and the constant itching. Now, unless it's the harsh haze period, my eczema doesn't act up anymore!" – shared a very pleased Miss Lim.

With the effectiveness of our program and the constant monitoring from our wellness consultants, we are glad to be able to provide a holistic and sustainable solution to help regulate chronic auto-immune conditions like eczema.

Marc Tan

Some say beauty is only skin deep. While this is true when considering the insane amount of priority given to cosmetic usage, how does one overcome the feeling of self-consciousness when agonized by raging acne?

An array of factors contributes to active acne. In the case of our wellness ambassador, Mr Marc Tan, it all began when he stayed in Philippines for two years in lieu of work commitments. The environmental difference and poor water intake resulted in an unusual acne breakout on his skin. When he began feeling self-conscious about it, he visited renowned dermatologists in the country for treatments like laser. Over the course of weekly treatments, though he saw some results, he spent more than a five figure amount.

“Treatments from dermatologists may have been effective but were rather painful and the prescribed medications I was on, caused me to experience side effects like dry mouth and dry feet.” – Mr Tan, as he recounted his experience on acne medications.

Understanding in detail about stem cell therapy, gave him the confidence that it could organically solve his recurring active acne. Within a week of starting on Elusyf Wellness Program and following our consultants’ advice closely, he saw his skin clearing up. Thereafter, he witnessed not only his skin improving progressively but an unexpected relief from his decade long insomnia problem.

"I used to be on high dosages of melatonin to sleep better but still suffered the frustrations of waking up in the middle of the night. Through Elusyf Wellness Program, I am relieved from my decade long insomnia issue."

Margaret Kay

55 years old

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. What we fail to factor in however, is the aging of our body. Work, lifestyle and diet affects more than just the physical aging of the body but causes a deterioration in its resistance against chronic conditions.

Despite being an energetic go-getter in her youth, Mrs Margaret Kay realized that over time she was not spared from health hazards. High blood cholesterol, irregular menstruation cycle, loss of bone density and hair were some issues that tormented her. When she was diagnosed with high cholesterol and poor bone density, Mrs Kay was advised to change her diet and exercise more often.

Though she managed some alterations in her diet, her occupational requirements prevented her from exercising regularly. In the attempt at a more holistic solution, she began Elusyf Wellness Program and with the close monitoring from our wellness consultants, witnessed a significant improvement in her medical reports.

“Elusyf Wellness Program has helped me a lot because during my second health screening, my cholesterol levels from being in the high range, lowered to the normal range without me doing do any exercise at all. The nurse even told me that my bone density had increased!” – an excited Mrs Kay shared with us.

She also related to us that her menstrual cycle has been regulated, allowing her to be carefree about the consistency of her menstruation. Moreover, she saw impeccable results with her hair loss problems and now finds it easier to try various hairstyles since her hair has more volume.

Like our other nominated wellness ambassadors of 2017, we are glad to have helped improve Mrs. Margaret Kay’s quality of life. Through our vision, advocating true joy of living, we hope to help many more in their choice to gain better health.

Nicole Chin

22 years old

Ever combed your fingers through your hair and came up with a few fallen strands? Typically, not much is thought of it and most people continue with their lives until their late 40s, when balding begins.

There was no waiting till she was in her 40s for our Wellness Ambassador, Miss Nicole Chin. At the tender age of 16, she was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata – a condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. This causes clumps of hair to fall off, leaving smooth, round hairless patches on the scalp.

As a teenager going through puberty, Miss Chin was extremely self-conscious of her image and resorted to using make up or flipping her hair a certain way to hide her bald spots. “When I went to a dermatologist, she told me that the only way for my hair to grow back was to inject steroid into my head 1mm from each other and this would cost quite a lot of money”, Miss Chin when she related her recommended treatments.

In the midst of looking for a more holistic solution, she became aware of Elusyf Wellness Program and was able to consult our wellness consultants, who answered all her queries.

"Midway during the program, I realized that my hair loss started reducing. This changed me a lot and gave me a lot of confidence because even when I was stressed or concurrently having multiple commitments, my hair didn’t seem to fall anymore. I am glad that Elusyf helped to provide a more sustainable solution for me."

Elusyf Global prides itself in providing excellent service and always putting our clients’ needs as priority. Being able to impact Miss Chin’s life through our program has been a satisfying journey for us.

Miss Puvaneaswari

25 years old

Even in the most impossible wars, armies have the chance to design the best strategy to minimize their losses. But how do you battle an enemy if you cannot see them?

One of our Wellness Ambassadors, Miss Puvaneaswari has been fighting a losing battle with her chronic genetic condition of psoriasis. Diagnosed at age 7, her parents were alarmed at the responsibility of managing an incurable skin condition. Despite the many skin specialists and doctors they consulted, her recurrences could not be prevented.

As she grew older and stress levels spiked, her condition escalated. What usually recurred only a couple of times a year, suddenly affected her every month. When steroids and medications failed to help her, she gave them up and resigned to fate.

Being informed of the effectiveness of Elusyf Wellness Program, Miss Puvaneaswari consulted our professional consultants who planned her diet and lifestyle requirements with her. Complementing these changes, the program aided her in regulating the root cause of the condition – her immune system.

Over the three month course of Elusyf Wellness Program, she saw differences both internally and externally. “I used to wheeze at night and have frequent asthma attacks. All these started improving along with my flare-ups. Despite taking on more responsibilities at work that added on to my stress, my skin didn’t act up. I cannot describe how delighted I was to see my scarring improve!” – Miss Puvaneaswari exclaimed while reviewing her progress with our consultant.

The results that she experienced, allowed her to regain the confidence to partake in a beauty pageant, which has been a dream for her since her secondary school days. We are glad that with our wellness program, we not only helped her health but made it possible for her to live her dreams.

Mdm Tam

60 years old

Past a certain age, it usually comes as no surprise when our parents, aunts or uncles start on medications for one or more chronic conditions, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Health Promotion Board statistics highlights that 1 in 2 Singaporeans have borderline high to high blood cholesterol.

Abnormal levels of cholesterol reading was highlighted to Mdm Tam during her routine medical checkup. The usual recommendation is to begin on a low dosage of medication and alter the lifestyle and diet of a patient. However, due to her prior knowledge of the possible side effects these medications could have, Mdm Tam declined this suggestion.

Although she made conscientious changes to her diet and lifestyle, it had minimal changes on her cholesterol levels. When she was recommended Elusyf Wellness Program by her son, she was not all sure if it was the solution she was seeking. During a consultation session with our consultants, the detailed explanation of our program and suggestions on how to better alter her diet, convinced her to take up a three-month program.

When reviewing her latest blood test report with our consultant, Mdm Tam mentioned, "I was shocked when I went back for a blood test 3 months later and my doctor informed me that my blood cholesterol level was back to normal. Though I saw a huge improvement in my sleep issues, I was more surprised to see my cholesterol levels to improve so drastically."

Consumption of medication for chronic conditions is a lifelong task. It also means a lifelong struggle to counter the side effects that are attached to them. We believe that with proper monitoring from our consultants and Elusyf Wellness Program, this can be regulated. Thus, we were able to help prevent Mdm Tam from even having to start on medications.